Your Representatives

Student Body Executives

These student representatives are annually elected by the Student Body.



Malik Johnson

Vice President

Vice President

Kiersten Florence

Meet Your Cabinet

Last Name First Name Position Email
Auer Alex Director of Freshman Council
Brechot Olivia Chief of Staff
Calnan Kyle Director of Finance
Dudley Vianni Director of Marketing and Outreach
Hand Matthew Director of Programming
McCusker Felix Director of Government Affairs
Webb Gabriel Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Meet Your Senators

Last Name First Name Position Email
Alexander Olivia Senate Leader
Martinek Asher Parliamentarian
Bauer Aeric Senator
Collins Nicole Senator
Demczak Jim Senator
Elizalde Cody Senator
El-Moussa Lauren Senator
French Carly Senator
Fujimoto Nathan Senator
George Tim T. Senator
Gerhard Cadence Senator
Gomes Torres Amanda Senator
Guerrero Robert Senator
Gumm Jasmine Senator
Jaynes Shaelyn Senator
Martinez Daniel Senator
Matys Sophia Senator
Morgan Emily Senator
O'Neal Nickolas Senator
Pinteralli Eric Senator
Rutherford Javonie Senator
Sawyers Alexander Senator
Seagroves Julia Senator
Tade Taylor Senator
Trujillo Sandra Senator
Wroten Dustin Senator
York Katharine Senator
Zamponi Ashley Senator

Meet Your Graduate House Representatives

Last Name First Name College Email
Atkinson Gentry College of Science and Engineering
Beck-King Natasha College of Liberal Arts
Chuma Phenious College of Education
Dickerson Kennedy College of Health Professions
Fritz Katlyn College of Applied Arts
Gehin Thibault McCoy College of Business Administration
Kimmel Samuel McCoy College of Business Administration
Limberg Avery College of Applied Arts anl139@txstate,edu
Mellow Abigail College of Fine Arts and Communication
Ota Michael College of Education
Respondek Anita College of Health Professions
Sanchez Armando College of Liberal Arts
Wrightsman Elizabeth College of Science and Engineering

Meet your Supreme Court Justices

Last Name First Name Position Email
Maldonado Aaron Chief Justice
Gaines Jordan Chief Public Counsel
Corpus Bruno Court Clerk
Adam Sophia Associate Justice
Painter David Associate Justice
Swann Brennan Associate Justice