Student Government Election Financial Disclosure

Please complete all items on this form to submit by the Student Government Election Financial Disclosure deadline. Incomplete or late forms may not be accepted by the Student Government Election Board and result in election disqualification. More information about the Financial Disclosure may be found in the Student Government Code Title III (Election Code), Chapter 106. For questions about this Financial Disclosure form or the deadline, please contact the Election Board at

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Step 1: Select Election Type

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Step 2: Review Excel Form Section Requirements

SECTION A:  Purchases MadeAll original expenses or discounts must be recorded on this form and must have a receipt, invoice, or other documentation associated with its cost and payment. A brief description of the cost, date of the purchases, the name of the purchase, and the signature of the purchaser must be given on the provided form below. Receipts must be numbered corresponding to the line it is associated with on this form. Write the total that appears on the receipt in this form.

SECTION B:  Material Donations
- Description of Item: Write a description of the donated item. Donations include any and all materials used for the purpose of campaigning which did not cost you or your campaign any money.

- Receipt or Statement: Please provide, if possible, a receipt of cost or a statement from the donor with an estimated cost. If this is not possible an estimate without a receipt or statement verification will be accepted.
- Cost/Unit: Write the estimated cost of the donated item based on fair market value.

- Date: Record date the fine occurred
Violation: Briefly explain the reason for the fine
- Fine Amount: Record the cost of the violation.
*All fines are considered an expense. Please budget accordingly.

SECTION D:  Income
- Date: Record date the income was received
- Donor: Identify the name of the person or organization making an actual monetary donation
- Amount: Record the amount of each donation

Step 3: Complete and Submit Excel Form

1. Download Excel Form:  Financial Disclosure Form Worksheets

2. Complete Sections A, B, C and D (each Worksheet tab in the Excel Form)

Step 4: Compare Amounts Spent to Spending Limits

Please see the Student Government Code Title III (Election Code), Chapter 106, Article III, Section 1 for office sought specific spending limits.

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Step 5: Sign

I, the candidate, assume responsibility for this campaign finance report. I understand that failure to adhere to campaign rules can result in penalties ranging from fines to disqualification.

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