Student Government Election Board

Election Board Members

Election Board Chair

Adrian Leal

Election Board Members 

Julio Cuadrado Ortiz

Priyanka Karki

Sean Nelson

Tyler Stavinoha


Election Board Operating Memorandums 

NOTICE: The Election Board Operating Memorandum provides an outline for the classification of specific violations and the procedures to be followed for all election-related issues. Please reference the memo and the Election Code for guidance on any rules-related questions.

Election Code Violation Complaint

For fast and transparent processing of any accused violation of the Election Code, University Policy and Procedures, Student Involvement rules and regulations or other election rules, please fill out the form below. Please provide as much information as possible. By providing these details, witnesses, dates, times and other important information, you will help to resolve any concern quickly and as justly as possible. While we are asking for your name and email, we will keep this information confidential.
The Election Board will keep files related to this form confidential. You may receive a follow up email with additional questions to help process your claim.
Any urgent issues may be resolved by contacting the Election Board at

Election Code Interpretation or Advisory Opinion Request

If you have any questions about the Election Code, Operating Memorandum, or other election related rules and regulations. You cannot submit a request if you are seeking a remedy for a violation of the Election rules. This request can only be made if you have a question on unclear parts of the Election Code.

Election Board Decision Appeals

If you'd like to appeal an Election Board decision please contact Supreme Court at or submit the form below.

Election Board Contact

Please email general questions and concerns regarding the Student Government Election to the Election Board at   

Election Board Notices of Election Complaint and Hearings