Anonymous Compliance Complaint Form

Anonymous Compliance Complaint Form

This form is used to report certain violations to the Supreme Court while keeping the filer of the Complaint anonymous. 

This Complaint will provide the Student Government, and student body a method to report violations of the Student Government Constitution or Code and our Public Counsels to pursue cases where substantial risk to the Complainant's reputation or retaliation may exist. 

The Public Counsels Office is established to serve as Inspectors and collect evidence and argue on behalf of the anonymous Complainant. 

Due to the nature of this Anonymous Compliance Complaint Form. Cases under its scope only include the following and must meet all criteria below.

  1. Repeated incidents of gross violations of the Student Government Constitution or Code
  2. Misuse of Student Government Funds
  3. Abuse of power or office. 

the following standard of evidence must be present for any Public Counsel, acting as an Inspector, to pursue a case under the complaint:

  1.  Must be substantial, timely, and relevant to the current school year.
  2. Even if redacted, some substantial evidence OR a chain of potential evidence under the jurisdiction of the Court can be readily subpoenaed by the Court.
    • if the complainant provides only a chain of potential evidence, the exact documents and information, by name is preferred, will be required (i.e., receipts, emails with dates/subjects, memo titles, meeting dates/times, etc.)
  3. The complaint must be directly related to a violation by a member of Student Government Election-related violations are not accepted under the purview of this complaint.
  4.  The complaint must not be related to the plenary power of one branch.
  5. The complaint must not bring up a complaint in which a question of the constitutional balance of power or subject where there are conflicts between the three branches of the Student Government is the subject.

Failure to meet all of the above criteria will result in the case being refused on the grounds it does not meet the above standards.

-Please fill out the form below, and an Inspector will present the case to the Court.

Name of Respondent(s)

Please provide name or names and titles of the person(s) you believed violated one of the violations above.

Statement of Complaint

Please provide a short introduction and summary of the case from your point of view. Keep it brief.

Statement of Pursuance

The section cites the specific part of the Student Government Constitution or Student Government Code, which you, the filer, believe has been violated.

Please provide the specific citation of the constitution or code. If you cannot find the specific text feel free to note that in this section and the Public Counsel will try and find it.

You can find the Student Government Constitution and Code here, Governing Documents

When using the documents above its helpful to use "CTRL+F" keys in combination to search the texts for key words that might help you


To have your case heard, you must prove you have standing with the Court. You prove standing by demonstrating two things: 1) that you have a case based on some jurisdiction relevant to the Supreme Court and 2) that you specifically are being harmed by a case or controversy.

In this section, you will have only one option to select from under this specific complaint. If your option is not listed here then you need to File a Complaint Form. This selection determines the first part of the two-part question of standing.

Option 1: You are filing a complaint because of a violation of the Student Government Constitution or Student Government Code.

. *

Statement of Standing

Please provide a brief statement of the harm this case or controversy has caused that justifies the need for a hearing by the Supreme Court.

Cause of Action

Provide a summary of the actions and harm which led to this filing. Answer questions like who was involved, when did the action occur, where did this action occur.

Request for Relief

Provide the Court with the specific kind of remedy or relief you are requesting. Make sure your request is reasonable.

Case Brief

The Notice of Anonymous Compliance Complaint you are about to complete is designed as a cover letter for a case brief. It's the official request for a hearing. A Case Brief provides all the details of the case, and provides the filer with the opportunity to make their case in writing and provide evidence. The Case Brief is not required but highly recommended. 

In the Space below please either attach a word document with what you'd like to have on the brief or type in the space provided. Please keep the brief to 8 pages or less.

If you don't want to use the space provided you can type the Brief in MS Word and attach it.

An Example is found on the File a complaint/request tab

Oath of Affirmation of Truth *