is a core value of the Student Government. As such our organization exemplifies this value by making a positive impact on behalf of all Bobcats. This is a list of recent accomplishments we have made on behalf of students or to better our university.


2003-2004, Student Government leaders worked directly with the Texas Legislature to make the historic name change from then Southwest Texas State University to Texas State University-San Marcos.

2004-2005, Student Government worked with Chartwells to institute fall-to-spring roll-over meal trades.

2005-2006, With support from students during a spring referendum the Student Government got funding for a renovated and expanded Student Recreation Center.

2006-2007, Student Government established the Student Government Scholarship, targeted toward middle-class families. The scholarship was valued at $200,000.

2007-2008, Student Government partnered with the University Bookstore to create four $250 bookstore grants for students.

2007-2008, Student Government successfully got Chartwells to build a Starbucks on the 1st floor of the LBJ Student Center.

2007-2008, Upon a successful student referendum on the subject Student Government, installed a Bobcat Statue between the Quad and the Bus Loop.

2007-2008, Student Government lead the way to move the football program to a D1 Athletic Conference via multiple resolutions in support of the move. Student Government created a massive marketing campaign called "The Drive" geared toward raising the athletics fees, paving the way for the construction of needed facilities for the current membership in the Sunbelt Athletic Conference.

2008-2009, Student Government leaders sponsored and supported the creation of the two-day-long pride and traditions camp known as Cat Camp.

2009-2010, Student Government started a first-year student leadership and training program, named the Freshman Council, replacing the Bobcat Legislative Intern program.

2009-2010, Student Government rejected a university administration that led to a ban on on-campus smoking. 

2010-2011, Student Government worked with a local artist to install a sculpture, replacing an old water feature in front of the LBJ Student Center.

2011-2012, Student Government worked with university administration to commission a professional report on the state of the LBJ Student Center, the first step to ongoing expansion and renovation plans.

2012-2013, Student Government leaders and members of the Graduate House worked with Transportation Services to implement Red Restricted Parking Passes for TAs of instructional record.

2012-2013, Student Government worked with LBJ Student Center staff to designate a workspace and lounge for Texas State Student Veterans.

2012-2013, Student Government worked with LBJ Student Center staff to remove the old-style cubical workspace and replace it with a community lounge and workspace.

2012-2013, Student Government created the Scholarly Travel and Research Grant pilot program for students who were presenting new research ideas or projects.

2012-2013, Student Government approved a referendum vote to increase the Bus fee. Students voted and approved the increased fee, allowing the purchase of 42 new buses to be used on the bobcat shuttle service.

2013-2014, Student Government undertook a massive reorganization which included a reduction in the number of Senate seats, the creation of a unified Cabinet, and a change in election times the Student Government was renamed from the Associated Student Government to Student Government.

2014-2015, Student Government ended a three-year pilot program and it established the Scholarly Travel and Academic Research (STAR) Grant as a permanent service provided to students to help them attend research and other scholarly conferences.

2014-2015, Student Government established a pilot program to help fund student organizations and events through a Student Activities Fund.

2015-2016, Student Government supported a referendum to increase the Student Center Fee, which passed with a majority of student votes. This will allow for the expansion of the LBJ Student Center to include more meeting spaces and services for students.

2016-2017, Student Government joined and helped establish the Texas Student Government Coalition which consists of major universities in Texas. All universities help establish an agenda of items and lobby together at the State Capitol for the benefit of the students.

2016-2017, Student Government authorized the Bobcats United Townhall series that is meant to engage students in respectful discourse with each other over hot topic issues facing our campus.

2016-2017, Student Government established the Adopt-A-Spot Program which allows campus organizations to adopt a section of campus, and help support the effort to keep our campus beautiful.

2016-2017, Student Government authorizes the Supreme Court of Student Government to review all parking appeals submitted by students to allow for more student representation.

2017-2018, Student Government met with professors, faculty, and administrators to bring Open Educational Resources to Texas State.

2017-2018, Student Government collaborated with Chartwell's Dining to implement the Swipe Out Hunger program for donating to Bobcat Bounty..

2019-2020, Student Government collaborated with the administration to implement the Menstrual Hygiene Program to provide free menstrual hygiene products at various locations around campus.

2019-2020, Student Government collaborated with university faculty, staff, and students to implement the first university-wide diversity week that hosted activities focusing on diversity and inclusion.

2020-2021, Student Government collaborated with the University Police Department to implement the first Student-Police Liaison Program teaching students about policing procedures, emergency response procedures, and much more in an open forum allowing citizens and law enforcement to better understand one another, unite together and grow for a better future for the whole of the Texas State Community.