Student Government

Mission, Vision, Values

Student Government is the primary recognized forum for student opinion and our focus is to represent the student interests and concerns to administration while providing activities and services we deem useful to students. Student Government exists to represent the student voice to the faculty and administration.

Get Involved

Student Government is committed to establishing avenues and leadership opportunities for student involvement in university affairs, acting as servants to the student body, and being the representatives of our constituents. Learn more about our open positions.

Student Government Elections

Elections take place on the third Monday of February at 8:00 a.m. until the fourth consecutive business day at 5:00 p.m. The election will decide your next Student Body President, Vice President, and Senators who will represent you for the next academic year.

Governing Documents & Structure

The Constitution is the supreme law of the Student Government. The Code of Laws encompasses the Student Government by-laws and procedures.

Weekly Senate Meetings

The Student Government Senate meetings are in-person every Monday at 7 pm when classes are in session and are open to the public at the LBJ Student Center, Teaching Theatre.
Teaching Theater Seats

Programs and Services

Texas State Student Government is pleased to keep up with a series of programs to engage in meaningful and enriching dialogue with fellow students.
Teaching Theater Seats
Students walking on sidewalks with Old Main in the trees

Wellness Resources